Comfort is our number one priority at Requiem. With our cozy ambiance, comfortable furniture, warm menu, and shared passion of all the things you love, Requiem should feel like a home away from home. We will always strive to always be that place you would rather be. If Requiem sounds like the place you would love to spend most of your time, then welcome home.

What is Requiem?

Requiem is Community

Requiem is Delicious

Our creative menu at Requiem is designed to introduce you to exciting new flavors and experiences. From our unique themed lattes, to our sweet twisted and stuffed chimney cakes, to our refreshing fruity potion drinks, to our otherworldly miracle berry sampling tray, at Requiem, you're guaranteed to try something new. We prepare our coffee drinks with using locally roasted beans from the always delicious Kéan Coffee and we will always have a scrumptious selection of sandwiches and pastries to enjoy.

Requiem is Diversity

At Requiem, we welcome everyone with a warm drink and an amazing atmosphere to enjoy what you love. Whether you are looking for friends or a nice quiet time alone, we have something to offer everyone who enters through our doors. At Requiem, the only thing we do not tolerate is intolerance itself. You are welcome here.

Requiem is Home

For anyone with passionate hobbies, Requiem is the place to come together and celebrate them. Whether you love books, comics, games, movies, role-playing, or anything sci-fi or fantasy, at Requiem your passions are celebrated as our own. You will always find friends here.